The 2015 Pacific Games in Review

We did it.18-07-15 closing ceremony15 pacific games-Tanya ZerigaAlone (11)

We staged a successful 2015 Pacific Games.

Kudos to the government for the commitment to making an excellent games.

Kudos to Games Organizing Committee for bravery in the face of criticism.

18-07-15 hockey men gold_ Tanya ZerigaAlone (11)

To the athletes – congratulations if not the medal haul then for representing our great country.


The spectators – for infusing spirit into the games.
Pride for the national teams in national colours was enough for people to brave rain and sun.

13-07-15 Women Soccer Semi PNG vs Samoa- Tanya ZerigaAlone (2)

Spirit of the pacific truly well and alive. The ‘One-nesia’

Camaraderie shown in the field of play despite tough competition.
Friendships outside the field of play.

DSC_0269Volunteers – the muscle that got the game moving.

    People fed, buses run, sports played
The press – late nights to keep the stories flowing in time.

Men, women, boys, girls, young, old, able minded.

Working class, grassroots – all together as one – powered by snax cracker and water.


The three disciplinary forces working with the people for the people

culture_2015_pacific Games_Tanya ZerigaAlone (4)

And in between – a feast of culture.


For two weeks, the citizens of NCD bravely put up with the long traffic from sunup to sundown.

18-07-15 closing ceremony15 pacific games-Tanya ZerigaAlone (11)

The revelry has come to an end

DSC_0184Until Tonga, congratulations to everyone for a job well done.

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