Fact 1- About 65% of the population are visual learners – they pick up information with their eyes.
Fact 2 – About 95% of people voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research
Fact 3 – a camera is not just another expensive toy – it is a mighty tool for change.

Photographers can be the thermostat of their societies. Through images, they can control the general feeling in their societies.

Current trend shows low esteem, self-doubt and lack of confidence killing innovation and entrepreneurship . Overcoming these challenges first requires a person to change their mind about their circumstances before this new found confidence can be physically manifested. Through their photos, photographers can help people change their minds and build their confidence about their futures.

As PNG approaches its 40th birthday, I challenge photographers to post at least one positive image per week of our beloved country and the progress that is taking place. Appropriately captioned and with hashtag #photographers4change – share these photos far and wide. Just imagine the change that can be brought about, if photographers keep bombarding people with positive images.

Indeed, photographers can be powerful agents of change.
God bless PNG.


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