On the occasion of my birthday, 28th November, 2013

Photographing  flowers has allowed me the luxury to observe the life cycle of flowers. The unrelenting  bud straining to burst forth into life, the fragility of blossoms, the tenacious strength of seeding flowers and the fading beauty of a senescent bloom.

July_RCF (7)

Senescence is the  price paid for new life – as the saying goes, one ending is another beginning. One life  gradually fades while one starts.

 Similarly, human life goes through a cycle.    

Ah, the innocence of childhood… where life is here and now, and tomorrow can take care of itself. The rose-colored glass, where love and acceptance is a given.

As a young adult, the highs and the lows, the silly and the dangerous and the funny – living on adrenalin – I look at old photos and I see a young, innocent, carefree and an  invincible fool. But even adrenalin when overused can reduce one to a nervous wreck.

Turn the page and here I am, 3 decades gone, and pursuing the 4th. Instead of feeling freer, there are more rules to live by because society says so. The rules have kept me safe but very boring and predictable.

I have never envisaged a lot of things I have become. In retrospect, I have been floating at the whim of circumstances around me.

In retrospect, I have not lived; I have only been successful in surviving …..keeping my head above the waters, keeping my debts low and my family happy.

It is true that wisdom is a prize, paid with years.

Even with eyesight which is giving – I see much more clearly what life is then what I saw with clean and bright eyes of my youth.

But, alas half a lifetime is gone

Without succumbing to regrets, I look forward to the next 50 years that is full of opportunities not because it is a birthright but because I have learnt that life circumstances are pliable. Circumstances yield to moulding and shaping.

The boundaries of your domain can be extended however much you want it to. It is all up to you and how much discomfort you can bear to carve a niche for yourself.

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