This may be the way to go……..

Violence does not have to be the last resort to all our frustrations with the government being dictatorial in its pursuit for development. There need not be needless loss of lives, and increased animosity between the government and the people.

We can learn a thing or two from world leaders like Mahatma Ghandhi, Martin Luther King – they used non-violent resistance tactics such as boycotts, information warfare, picketing, vigils, lobbying, civil disobedience etc ( – to achieve their agenda.

Mobilizing the public in PNG can turn nasty as we have seen seen what happened with the Asian Riots. Even if we have a plan of action, we may not be able to control opportunists who may mis-represent our intentions. Those of us on email, make about 5 % of the workforce, we can mobilize ourselves and carry out some of those non-violent tactics.

For instance, from personal relationships, we as individuals know that it takes compromise for a continual growth on our lives. From the latest turn of events, I’d say we have been like a little kid throwing a tantrum and demanding that we get our way. We have done this and now we have hit a headlock then what??  Violence by the public will serve as fuel to harden the heart of the government against truth and justice.

Maybe it is time to change tactic, maybe its time to stop demanding and start negotiating. Maybe its time to get organised and engage the government in a dialogue to reach some consensus: afterall, things (including our culture, and our forests) will indeed change sometime in the future, we cannot keep delaying the inevitable.

We can organise open forums, and debates and invite our members of parliament to attend and participate. We can pitch our best brains against theirs. If we have anything to say, we will say – if they have anything to say they will say. Let the people be the judge. Maybe we can even convince them, or they will make us see what we have not seen. Invite the media to publicize the sessions.

Minister Fairweather, has given us a tactic we can use; at every opportunity ask your member in the presence of media and the public, what their stance are with regards to the latest turn of events. Put them on the spot. For too long, we have been attacking the law and not the people that voted for it. Use such opportunities to find out where they stand. Then, I suggest take it a step further by publicizing their answer. This should put pressure on the government.

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